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I see images in earthly tones, layered and somewhat ageless. Impressions of hidden worlds. With faces that speak without saying anything.

Expressive, expressionistic… Images that talk of melancholy, frozen tears. Images that ihavenoideawhat, stay burned on your cornea and make us meditate about ourselves and a world that’s running ahead of itself. Whatthe. Like an oasis you retreat to for a while.

Small and controllable. -Something- on yourself, your family, your environment, your city… Thinly sprayed or in thick layers of paint, hyper realistic, like a collage or a classic portrait. What touches me is the impossibility to communicate. Literally, with the mouth gagged or the eyes taped shut. Generally, in the look and attitude of figures that seem to look for connections/contact but fail. Collective autism???

Erik Verdonck 

journalist and writer

Birger Design